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  1. Evelyn Magley CEO of The Basketball League announces the newest expansion market has been awarded to Boston MA.


The South Shore Monarchs are the 5th new market added this off season and 17th overall team to join TBL Family in it’s 2021 season.

South Shore Monarchs is an avenue to provide the chance for players to resurrect
their careers and love for the game they have invest so much time In. Inviting their Stories to be embraced as apart of the process and to help players have a moment of resurrection and become their own Monarch.

South Shore Monarchs Mission

South Shore Monarchs is structured to build relationships with the community intending inspiration, to innovate with a broad knowledge of concepts and strategies to yield a positive beneficial outlook for opportunities for the Community of New England.

Damon Harper – CEO/Team Market Owner/Head Coach

Damon Harper is a Boston entrepreneur who also owns a successful Sports Management Firm, Nhoas Sun. Receiving his B.A. from Laser University, he pursued a professional basketball career after college and returned home so after to attend Gordon Conwell Seminary to attain his Master of Divinity and PHD in Urban Ministry and Church Planting.  He is an energetic business owner versed in business management, accounting, litigation, non-profit sports management and missionary work.

Damon chose Boston because of its demographics, talent base, community need and tradition of supporting Basketball.  “Believing that nothing happens on accident we are thrilled to bring this concept of a community engaged pro basketball experience to our home town. The South Shore area of Boston has plenty of local talent, a great fan base and tremendous need for a partner who wants to impact youth in a positive manner, so I am confident the market can support this exciting initiative” – Damon Harper CEO South Shore Monarchs


Vlad Joseph:  Director of League Operations                         Director of Corporate Service/Ambassador of Haitian Market

Vlad Joseph, Director of Operations for the South Shore Monarchs is a native of Randolph, MA and a recent graduate from Lasell University. With a Masters degree in Sports Management, Vladimir will oversee the South Shore Monarchs daily business activities by gaining resources, developing operational plans and implementation of all policies and procedures.

Vladimir also serves as a Management Assistant for O.P.S.S. University/Nhoa Sun

Brandon Onwuka:  General Manager                                   Management Assistant/Ambassador of Nigerian Market

Brandon Onwuka is Team Market Owner and General Manager of the South Shore Monarchs.  A graduate from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2019, with degrees in Business and Management Information Systems, he gained an internship with OPSS/NHOAS SUN that segued into a full time Management Assistant.  

International travels and experience with family and businesses in Nigeria Brandon brings international exposure to South Shore Monarchs and the community at large.

Born in Boston and growing up in Randolph, Massachusetts with a deep passion for the game of basketball, Brandon played throughout elementary and high school years. In college he determined to move forward in learning the business side of the game, eventually developing and initiating, High Frequency Athletics, a basketball organization in 2017 to empower the youth in our community through annual basketball tournaments.  High Frequency Athletics is still active and provides opportunities for youth participation each year.

“Helping players see opportunities inside and outside the court is important to each players future.  Developing life skills that help them to be successful in life is a goal that I’d love to help them achieve.  As General Manager, I will oversee the South Shore Monarchs Professional Basketball Team, scout potential players and make decisions on behalf of the entire roster. I am looking forward to the South Shore Monarchs 2021 Inaugural Season and providing great opportunities and entertainment for our community!”—Brandon Onwuka 

Bugzy Head Coach SSM - Photo

BUGZ Platt:  CFO/Head Coach/Director of Human Resources

South Shore Monarchs CFO, Joseph Platt, born in Boston, Massachusetts attended Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. Platt was given several professional opportunities about basketball—including being recruited by Leb-Silver Portugal and catching the eyes of the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Beyond being an athlete, he was also given a chance to coach in Central America, Dominican Republic, and Argentina. Platt now serves as Executive Director of Human Resources for a sports management company, along with his CFO position at the South Shore Monarchs.